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Breaking: Domain name company Donuts Inc. acquired by private equity firm Abry Partners
Donuts operates top level domain names such as .guru, .software and .life ... Donuts is essentially a subscription business with a very predictable annual renewal rate and cash flow. Abry Partners mak...

Minds + Machines' shares higher as vip domain achieves best-in-class renewal rates in China
Domain owners who do not renew by the deadline are given a 45-day grace period before the domain name becomes available to somebody else and the directors of Minds + Machines (MMX) believe the renewal ...

Utah’s 911 Service for the Deaf Was Down for Days Because a Company Forgot to Renew Its Domain
That’s because a Utah telecommunications firm didn’t renew a domain name. According to the Federal Communications Commission, Sorenson Communications neglected to renew the domain connected to its vid...

BCCI website down after non-renewal of domain name
New Delhi: BCCI, the richest cricket board in the world, has not been able to renew the domain of its official website in time. Website registrars and have put the ...

Dell loses control of important domain name to cybersquatters
Dell has suffered an embarrassing cybersecurity incident after it forgot to renew a domain name used by one of its services. Squatters had control of the domain for a month. It's thought it may have b...

How much would .Com domains cost if .com went out to bid?
Verisign also has a presumptive right of renewal with ICANN for the .com contract ... Consider a recent bid to manage the registry for India’s .in domain name. According to MoneyControl, Neustar bid j...

You Should Renew Your Domains Before They Expire
... after hearing about Sesame Street using the domain name in an episode. I had it redirect to my personal page as a joke. Cultural ephemera aside, when it came time to renew I was he...

Marketing giant Marketo forgets to renew domain name. Hilarity ensues
With a perfect dose of irony, a biz that sells automated marketing software online failed to automatically renew its dotcom. Silicon Valley-based Marketo started receiving customer complaints Tuesday ...

TP-Link Forgot To Renew Their Router Config Domain Names [Update]
Update – TP-Link has issued an official statement on the matter of the domain names. Check out the statement below for the details, In case someone setup your router for you, you might not know that t...

Report: Google Doesn't Renew, Site Goes Down
We’re trying to confirm the reason, but it appears to be because Google forgot to renew the domain name. It expired and someone registered it. While the site was down the site showed a stand...

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