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Radix's Premium Domains for 2017 Renew at 71%
Speaking about the healthy renewal rate, Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix, said, "Given that a majority of premium names in the industry are sold ... the global and exclusive rights to 9 new internet domain extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH ...

North Carolina candidate claims a Russian bought her campaign domain name
Coleman explained she didn’t renew her domain because she was running for another ... “We can't speak to why she allowed her domain name to expire. The version of the site up now appears to be a copy obtained from of an old website we ...

Empty legal threats and/or the passive aggressive domain name “buyer”
Also I will renew the domain for 10 years and let it sit these. I will finish with this: “I don’t NEED this domain, i just want it.” He sounds like a spoiled brat. He tried to force his way into getting this domain name without paying a fair price ...

Domain Names: The dangers of “snapping”
domain owners should carefully weigh up the costs versus the risks of allowing domain names to lapse and at least continue to renew a domain name that is no longer required for a further few years, especially if it is quite well known and/or generates a ...

Foxtel, Village renew push for search engines to hide pirate sites
“Further, while a tariff amount of $50 may appear to be minimal, it is imposed on a 'per ISP, per domain name' basis. There are hundreds of different ISPs in Australia and a pirate website may be available from tens, or hundreds, of proxy website

Second level .za domain names considered for South Africa
All the issues surrounding congestion of TLD's would be massively mitigated if the registration and renewal costs were increased to something ... coming up with a way of judging whether or not a domain has being used within a reasonable period of time ...

North Carolina congressional candidate claims a Russian bought her old campaign's domain name and now uses the website to sell male performance enhancement drugs
Coleman said she didn't renew her old domain name when she decided to run for the House of Representatives because the campaign is for a different office. At the bottom of Coleman's page is a MVAR Media logo - but the company told WTVD it doesn't manage ...

5 Tips To Buying A Domain Name
A domain name is essential for your online presence ... This is important as it will save you the agony of losing your domain because you forgot to renew. Also, check if the option to host your website elsewhere is available. This will give you the ...

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