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Register Hong Kong Domain Name News

Hong Kong Launches Second Level .HK Domain Names
The Hong Kong Domain Name Registry ("HKDNR") has announced that it will be launching second level domain names under the top-level country-code domain .hk in early 2004. Second level domain names will ...

Hong Kong firms start to register Chinese domain names
HONG KONG (IDG) -- Registration of Chinese domain names in Hong Kong has begun, using technology that promises to expand the Web far beyond its English-language foundation. Companies in Hong Kong and ...

Auction of personalised vehicle registration marks on November 11
Hong Kong (HKSAR) - The Transport Department (TD ... apply to the Commissioner for Transport for the PVRM to be assigned to a motor vehicle registered in the name of the purchaser. If the purchaser fa...

China's Political Elite Still Hold Luxury Property in Hong Kong
RFA also traced the name of Zhang Yannan to Hong Kong's Companies Registry, where she is listed as the owner of a company called Jinyi, which in turn owns an apartment on the 38th floor of Convention ...

‘God bless RUN’: full of hope and life, Hong Kong refugees tackle charity race
“I’ve been in Hong Kong for 14 years but this year – when ... t be too difficult because I’m feeling fit,” Jess said. The names have been changed to protect identities. Registration for the charity ra...

China, Taiwan & Hong Kong get top-level domains in Chinese
ICANN today approved the first top-level Chinese language domain names: .中国 and .中國 for China; .台灣 and .台湾 for Taiwan; and .香港 for Hong Kong (China and Taiwan ... how restrictive it will be to registe...

Hong Kong's domain name game
(IDG) -- For companies that want to make a name on the Internet, deciding on a domain calls ... number of domains registered. Also appearing on the scene are Chinese-character Uniform Resource Locator...

Hong Kong Optical Fair Opens Next Month
Register Now for Free eBadge ... Visionaries of Style from Italy and the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA). The fair attracted over 16,000 buyers from 106 countries and regions last ...

LCQ2: Administration of Internet domain names in Hong Kong
The Government has designated the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC ... which looked at the international best practices in the administration of Internet domain names. With this back...

Appointment to Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
The Government today (December 21) announced the appointment of Mr Chan Sai-ming as the Director of the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC ... 香港' Internet domain names," a gov...

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