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Google disappears for Irish internet users – but was it a nameserver hack or admin screwup?
Thousands of Irish internet users ... apparently based in Indonesia. domain: descr: Google, Inc descr: Body Corporate (Ltd,PLC,Company) descr: Registered Trade Mark Name admin-c: KR59-IEDR t...

European Commission Killing Off Thousands of EU Domains Due to Brexit
When other domain ... be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date. But what about businesses and individua...

Irish Google, Yahoo Domains Taken Offline Briefly After Security Breach
... domains were changed to point to other name servers associated with well-known hacking sites, officials say. Google and Yahoo's Irish iterations were temporarily knocked offline Oct. 9 after their ...

Emoji Domains are Here and They’re Brilliant! — How to Get Yours 🤔
Upon inspection I learned more about Domainoji. It is a site where anyone can register an emoji domain name. This allows you to put emojis directly into your URL, or have the URL be all emojis. Image ...

Mega Millions: What's up with Mirlande Wilson's 'Sweet Swine' cap?
We did some Internet research and found the domain is owned by Scott Crider, an Alabama man who says he is indeed a Romney opponent. But he says he didn't register that ... ...

DotMobi Sells .Mobi Domain-Name Operator
mTLD Top-Level Domain Ltd., the Irish company that sponsored the .mobi domain name, has been sold to Afilias, an Ireland-based provider of internet infrastructure services that has been administering ...

Can a mere domain name be defamation? Glenn Beck says yes
One of the Fark readers then took the forum meme to the next level, registering a domain name and launching a web site in order ... satire "A Modest Proposal" in which he proposes that the Irish poor ...

Whois GDPR carnage continues: Afilias to ditch almost all data in Whois on millions of domains
As an Irish company, Afilias plans to consult with the Irish DPA ... Law Enforcement: Afilias continues to constructively engage with law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other Registration Authorities ...

Irish Catholics can find out about their ancestors when staying at this Dublin hotel
Public Domain The ... descendants of Irish diaspora,” Kelly said to the Irish Times.”It is amazing when you focus in on another person’s family history to such a degree because you realize how persona...

You Can Now Visit Norwegian Airlines Using an All-Emoji URL
With unique and memorable domain names becoming more and more scarce ... Coca-Cola launched an ad campaign of single emoji Internet addresses. Additionally, an Irish group advocating for gay marriage ...

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