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Tucows’ to Acquire Melbourne IT’s International Wholesale Domain Reseller Channel
domain names and other Internet services, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the international wholesale domain reseller channel of Melbourne IT Limited (ASX:MLB). The acquisition will add hundreds of resellers and ...

WhoGoHost presently hosts over 50,000 SMEs— Obaniyi
I joined WhoGoHost in 2010, then, WhoGoHost was basically a reseller and a business arm of Ennovate ... Some of our offerings include Domain registration, Shared Hosting, G-Suite, Cloud hosting, Virtual Servers, SSL Certificates, Code Guard Backup ...

30+ Tools to Name and Register Your Domain - ICANN accredited domain register at only $7.99 a year. - Offers a range of domain reseller tools. - Specializes in creating paring pages for all of your domain names. - Various prices depending on the extension.

The silent evolution of domain names
Verisign recently reported that the number of registered dot-com domain names exceeded 128 million for the first time. With a wholesale price of $7.85 each, this means $1,004,800,000 in annual fees, and that’s before factoring in reseller prices ...

Deal allows simultaneous company, domain name registry
... and simply acts as a conduit to the domain name registration platform. The CIPC Registrar does not enjoy all the capabilities of the normal.ZA-accredited commercial domain name Reseller and Registrar (RaR) and does not derive any financial ...

An Overview On The Domain Names Sector
My findings and personal opinions in respect of value on some companies belonging to the domain names sector. Value opinion on the domain names sector based on DCF analysis ... which means that their registration is restricted (.museum, .xxx, .jobs,

How the Syrian Electronic Army took out the New York Times and Twitter sites
It simply compromised Melbourne IT, an Australian DNS register reseller, with a phishing attack. Once it had its hands on the reseller's credentials, the group simply logged in and changed the NYT and Twitter domain name records — that is, their ...

Australian link as Syrian hackers hit New York Times
SYRIAN hackers brought down The New York Times website and hacked Twitter today by using the username and password of a MelbourneIT reseller. A statement by the Australian domain name registration company released this morning said the Syrian Electronic ...

New York Times Website Hacked, Syrian Electronic Army Appears to Take Credit
The account today tweeted first, "Hi @Twitter, look at your domain, its owned by #SEA :)," and posted a screen shot of what appeared to be the search results for Twitter's domain registry on the domain name registration database,

HostBill introduces new integration with MailChimp
The integration allows HostBill customers to easily add personalized or dynamic content into their email campaigns by assigning the client registration field values ... Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, Domain name and SSL Resellers around the globe ...

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