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Canadian rock band The Tea Party may make millions selling domain name
There is a lot of talk about the Tea Party these days, but anyone hoping for information on the U.S. political party should not go to This website is owned by the defunct Canadian rock b...

Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names
People wishing to sell their .app domains are going to face ... This means you can’t park the domain names unless you set up an SSL for the domain. SSLs can be obtained for free, but it requires some ...

Tough Domains launches intelligent domain marketplace to buy and sell domains
The domain marketplace is free for anyone to list any number of domains. There is no need to switch DNS or list exclusively with the TD marketplace. Portfolio owners can still park or have their names ...

Poker is dead: trying to sell domain name for $20m, nobody told them
Haven’t you heard, poker is dead, but the team at didn’t get the memo because they’re trying to sell ... domain name registered was a computer manufacturer called Symbolics when they purchas...

Hilco Streambank to Sell Premium Domain Names & Vanity Phone Numbers of Former Ticket Broker, National Event Company
a four-letter domain name (; the Toll-Free Phone Numbers used to purchase event tickets including 1-800-NECO-TIX; domain name; and Professional football team specific fan t...

Bankrupted Toys ‘R’ Us Is Selling Hundreds of Kinky, Weird Domain Names
After selling off $2 billion worth ... The list includes brand names, trademarks, various designs of its famous mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, and, the most eye-popping of all, a long list of web domain ...

Toys "R" Us Is Selling Geoffrey the Giraffe and Sex Toy Domain Names
In an effort to raise money to pay its debts, next month, the famous toy retailer chain is selling its intellectual property ... It’s common practice for companies to buy up all related domain names t...

This Penn professor owns a domain name worth millions. Here’s why he won’t sell
Hunt for jobs, not deer. A University of Pennsylvania professor by the name of Matt Blaze is sitting on a gold mine. See, the domain name that leads to his personal website,, stands to rake ...

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