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How to set up a free dynamic hostname with SSL cert using Google Domains
This guide will help you set up a free dynamic hostname (e.g ... This will briefly run a web server. Let’s Encrypt will issue a challenge to your domain name to make sure you own it, then generate you...

Google Analytics Hostname Report – Great for Troubleshooting
This can be set up like so, this example is a free proxy website: If we wanted to ... then reviewing the hostname report and creating relevant profiles and filters is for you! “Cross-domain strategy” ...

Using a Hostname Instead of an IP Address
Associate Your Minecraft Server By Hostname Instead of IP Address In this exercise, we’ll create a free No-IP account and then map our router’s public IP address to an easy-to-remember hostname. Point ...

Cloudflare gets into registrar business with wholesale domains and free privacy
Cloudflare, the content delivery network and website security provider, has increasingly been pushing into businesses that intersect with its core missions. Earlier this year, the company rolled out a ...

Cannot Enable SNI SSL for a Hostname
Download this free guide ... into an Azure website. I got to the very last step, request and install certificate, then bang. The solution is a simple if not an expensive one. To be able to have an SSL ...

Go Daddy 2005 Super Bowl Ad Followed by Huge Gains
With a net gain of 255K hostnames this month, Go Daddy's web ... atop the hostname rankings. But Go Daddy's new Super Bowl ads may give it additional momentum in the short term. Last year Go Daddy sur...

Domain registrar and Web host Namecheap begins accepting payment via Bitcoin
As we noted last week, the company had been preparing to accept the currency for some time, and the move is official as announced on its website. Customers can use Bitcoins to purchase Namecheap’s ran...

How to Deploy Websites on Custom Domains using Cloudflare and Github Pages
Have you build a beautiful website and are looking to host it for free with a custom domain? Then look no further ... The A and CNAME records are the two common ways to map a hostname to one or more I...

My Best Practices for Deploying a Web Application in Alibaba Cloud
Using the latest software will ensure that the system is free from all the bugs and we will also get a faster processing and more stability. Finally, I downloaded the SuiteCRM archive from its officia...

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