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How to Transfer a Domain Name
... process for transferring a domain name between domain registrars. 1. Unlock your domain. Transfer lock must be turned off on your domain before you initiate a transfer. This can be done within your registrar account. 2. Obtain the authorization code ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
... IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Here’s a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars that help you register and manage your domains. Earlier this week we asked you to share your ...

Devil May Cry 5 Announcement Seems More Likely With Capcom Registering Domain
It's been rumored to be in development for over a year, and now Capcom has registered a domain name for Devil May Cry 5. The website's URL address,, doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what the title for the next game in the ...

Domain name scam cops $2m fine
... ACCC said the Federal Court found Domain Corp Pty Ltd and Domain Agency Pty Ltd had sent false and misleading domain name registration renewal notices to about 300,000 businesses between November, 2015 and at least April, 2017. The fake renewal ...

Court fines domain companies $1.95m over misleading notices
Domain Corp and Domain Name Agency — the latter also trades as Domain Name Register — sent out about 300,000 unsolicited notices to businesses between November 2015 and April 2017, that resembled domain name renewal notices, according to a statement by ...

Illinois property tax appeal attorney guilty of reverse domain name hijacking
Kreider determined that Poulopoulos had engaged in reverse domain name hijacking. It appears to the Panel that the Complainant became aware of the Respondent’s registration on May 12, 2008 of the DDN , and within weeks, acted to register her own ...

Tanzania: Locals Urged to Compete in Domain Name Registration
LOCAL entrepreneurs should wake up and start registering domain names of famous landmarks like Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar which foreigners have usurped and registered under international domain dealers. According to Tanzania Domain Name Manager ...

The Most Remote Island in the World is Home to Seals, Seabirds, and an Internet Top-Level Domain
Since 1988, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has managed the web’s Domain Name System—basically the system that ... Tuvalu government’s revenue comes from the money spent on registering .tv addresses. That’s not to say Norway hasn’t ...

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