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The Best Cheap Web Hosting Services of 2018
If your site is down, clients or customers will be unable to find you or access ... sites hosted under their domains. Furthermore, these services can be incredibly cheap: Some offer free plans ...

5 Ways to Boost your Site’s Domain Authority
Shared is the cheapest option, but you may sacrifice some of ... You’ll increase your speed, customers will stick around longer, and your domain authority will improve. Once you find pages that need w...

What You Need to Know About Cheap Medical Card
Vaping targets or dabbing is growing greatly common within the last couple of decades, especially among those that use cannabis for healthcare cheap health purposes ... on the web as-well because now ...

This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren’t completely shit
Coming up with a killer idea isn’t the hardest part of launching a tech startup. Neither is building something people ultimately love. Coming up with a snappy name? That’s the hard bit. Okay, maybe I’ ...

Top search results for “Domain Name”
Instead of pulling the FAQ response, Google shows’s meta description: Find your perfect domain name. From premium domains to cheap domains, search for and register your domain with a...

Namecheap Upgrades Its Domain Name Search Interface
Namecheap announced that is has upgraded its search functionality, aiming to streamline the process of finding, tracking and purchasing domain names. Now users searching for available domains on Namec...

Paul Vixie wants to stop malicious domains before they're created
What did you find there? Vixie: The number of bad domains was lower ... especially when you consider that the next act will be to rotate in a new, cheap domain name they have in their inventory. The r...

Namecheap lands on Inc. 5000 with $76 million in revenue
NameCheap has historically accounted for about a quarter of all of Rightside’s domains under management. I can’t find any other domain name companies on the list by searching for “name” or “domain”.

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