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Sunrise period for new <.rs> domain names with IDN characters
This rule applies, of course, only during the sunrise period, and upon the expiration of the same, registrants are not bound by existing domain names but are free to choose whichever domain name they ...

Verisign Q3 2018 Domain Name Industry Brief: Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domains in Q3 of 2018
[1] The figure(s) includes domain names in the .tk ccTLD. .tk is a free ccTLD that provides free domain names to individuals and businesses. Revenue is generated by monetizing expired domain names. Do...

Best domain name registrars of 2019
Every great website needs a snappy, memorable domain name. Coming up with something new is a serious ... but several registrars provide it for free. Many domain registrars offer hosting as an extra, b...

GoDaddy adds tool to refine domain searches with more information
A big challenge for domain name registrars is understanding what a domain searcher is looking for based on just a keyword or two. GoDaddy has added a feature that collects more information to provide ...

Nigeria Air: Man Buys The Domain Names, Put Them Up For Sale At ₦24 Million Each
A business savvy individual or a greedy Nigerian( Depends on how you look at it) by the name of Olumayowa Elegbede , has claimed ownership of the domain names of and an...

How Domain Name Servers Work
Whether you're accessing a Web site or sending e-mail, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the domain name you're trying to access ... also sends some important network configuration informatio...

Domain name holders to register with complete ID info
A new ministry regulation requiring applicants of domain names to provide complete identity information will take effect from Wednesday The updated regulation, adopted by the Ministry of Industry and ...

How to keep your personal information safe from creeps on the internet
Plenty of them offer the first year for free. Keep an eye on your domain names to make sure this protection doesn’t expire and that you’re not inadvertently sharing information that you don’t want pub...

Geek to Live: How to assign a domain name to your home web server
Today we'll go over how to assign a domain name to your home web server like ... updated database of IP addresses and domain names. is one provider of this service. For free, y...

Domain Seizures Do Not Violate Free Speech, U.S. Court Rules
This argument is unfounded — Rojadirecta has a large internet presence and can simply distribute information about the seizure and its new domain names to its customers,” the Judge writes. “In additio...

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